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Veterans Day…Thank You!!

You stood for what you believed in, fighting your brother during the Siege of Vicksburg... You fought against the Japanese Empire, changing the course of history... You Transported millions of troops all over the world to defend our nation and to help those in need... You Enshrine the memory of the fallen and refuse to… Continue reading Veterans Day…Thank You!!

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Gettysburg….Historically Haunting

You step out onto a field, an old farmhouse and wooden fence can be seen in the far distance as the sun's golden rays shimmer; flooding the area in a beautiful glow of reds and oranges. Nearby; you can hear the soft sound of a creek running as a light breeze kisses your face. Or… Continue reading Gettysburg….Historically Haunting


An Americans guide to Canada

Recently I went on a trip to Canada and probably like most Americans, I though it would be exactly like the United States, just with a few differences. However, I was very wrong about this!! Canada is very much an international destination, even if you live only a few hours away or are planning a… Continue reading An Americans guide to Canada


Surviving Basic Training

May and June are always big times for people to join the military. School is out and most people have their diplomas in hand. For the high school grads the military is an adventure, like the boat trip in Willy Wanka while the college grads look at it as a way to repay student loans… Continue reading Surviving Basic Training