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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing, the stuff your mother makes but you don't know what it is!! Today is the day to feast like you never have and enjoy time with family and friends. Remember to take a second to look around at all the stuff you have, not all the stuff you want and put… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!!

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A Positive Thanksgiving!!

OK let's be honest here, the holidays can be horrible sometimes. You get to see family and family usually comes with drama!! Yeah, we get it cousin Dale you went to also currently work at a Dunkin Donuts and OK Aunt Mary we have heard how much you hate "all this new fangled technology,"… Continue reading A Positive Thanksgiving!!


A Love Letter to the Past…

Hello Old Friend, It is truly amazing how fast the time seems to go, one moment you are a young boy; careless, free, ambitious... Now I am older, the weight of the World seems to be on my shoulders and the meaning of life seemingly eludes me. I am lost right now and that perplexes… Continue reading A Love Letter to the Past…


9/11…17 years and 1 day later

So, while most people post remembrances on this day I felt that it was important to post a blog the day after. You see, anyone can remember this day once a year. It comes, you tell your stories about where you were and what you were doing, you give to charity or participate in an… Continue reading 9/11…17 years and 1 day later



Fathers day is a great time to really show your appreciation for the men that made us who we are. Though they usually have different titles which include Grill Master General, Mr. Thermostat King, or Leader of the Remote Controls, we still get to call them dad. Fathers are the people we go to when… Continue reading HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!


A Day of Pride for Us All!!

June is the start of Pride month, a time where we show some much-needed appreciation for the LGBTQ community!! First and foremost I would like to say how much respect I have for these members of our society, and appreciate how hard they fought for their views. The LGBTQ stood for something they believed in,… Continue reading A Day of Pride for Us All!!