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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing, the stuff your mother makes but you don't know what it is!! Today is the day to feast like you never have and enjoy time with family and friends. Remember to take a second to look around at all the stuff you have, not all the stuff you want and put… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Are These the Best Thanksgiving Movies?

So Thanksgiving is upon us!! Tomorrow we will all be needlessly stuffing our faces and wont even feel bad about it!! We will watch football, drink beer, and probably argue with family members about something. So, to get into the holiday spirit it is time to solve a great debate ourselves...what is the best movie… Continue reading Are These the Best Thanksgiving Movies?

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A Positive Thanksgiving!!

OK let's be honest here, the holidays can be horrible sometimes. You get to see family and family usually comes with drama!! Yeah, we get it cousin Dale you went to also currently work at a Dunkin Donuts and OK Aunt Mary we have heard how much you hate "all this new fangled technology,"… Continue reading A Positive Thanksgiving!!