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Taking a Moment to find Yourself Again.

We have all gotten a little lost in life. We might have taken a job we didn't want out of necessity. We may have dated the wrong person out of loneliness, or we may have put off a dream vacation to pay bills. No matter what the situation was or is; it is important to… Continue reading Taking a Moment to find Yourself Again.

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Fat Shamming, do it right.

Fat shamming has become one of the most prevalent forms of bullying that our nation has seen. It is truly amazing how people are genuinely disgusted by other people's bodies and openly berate them for it. As the weight in America has gone up, so has the humiliation and despair people struggling with that weight… Continue reading Fat Shamming, do it right.

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Making a Change one Day at a Time

Change is hard, we all know that it can be emotional, terrifying, and down right expensive. However, change is very important for growth in all aspects of life. If you don't step outside your comfort zone and try new things how will you ever know if you do or don't like something? If you don't… Continue reading Making a Change one Day at a Time

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College Advice for Sophomores (Series Pt 2)

Well you made it, freshmen year is history and you confidently head back to school after your summer off! You are ready to see the friends you made last year but are defiantly not excited about starting classes. You played it safe this year and got all afternoon or evening classes because you know you… Continue reading College Advice for Sophomores (Series Pt 2)

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College advice for freshmen (Series Pt. 1 )

You made it!! You graduated from high school, put in the time and effort and finally got that anticipated email that starts with "Congratulations, you have been accepted," in a few short weeks you will make that trip and finally start life on your own! Well, I would like to congratulate you as well, getting… Continue reading College advice for freshmen (Series Pt. 1 )


How FB Hurt Bloggers

"We are Bloggers," If you are like me, you are very proud of this statement! Being a blogger is one of the best and hardest things someone can do. You write about places, things, situations and then put it out there for the world to see. You take the positives and the negatives and still… Continue reading How FB Hurt Bloggers