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A Positive Thanksgiving!!

OK let's be honest here, the holidays can be horrible sometimes. You get to see family and family usually comes with drama!! Yeah, we get it cousin Dale you went to also currently work at a Dunkin Donuts and OK Aunt Mary we have heard how much you hate "all this new fangled technology,"… Continue reading A Positive Thanksgiving!!

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Taking a Moment to find Yourself Again.

We have all gotten a little lost in life. We might have taken a job we didn't want out of necessity. We may have dated the wrong person out of loneliness, or we may have put off a dream vacation to pay bills. No matter what the situation was or is; it is important to… Continue reading Taking a Moment to find Yourself Again.

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Fat Shamming, do it right.

Fat shamming has become one of the most prevalent forms of bullying that our nation has seen. It is truly amazing how people are genuinely disgusted by other people's bodies and openly berate them for it. As the weight in America has gone up, so has the humiliation and despair people struggling with that weight… Continue reading Fat Shamming, do it right.

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Life is hard; you get beat down, stepped on, rejected. When you try to get up you are knocked out and told to stay down. You turn to find someone and no one is there. Sometimes you feel completely alone, you think what is the point? You ask is it worth it and then despairingly… Continue reading YOU MATTER

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Making a Change one Day at a Time

Change is hard, we all know that it can be emotional, terrifying, and down right expensive. However, change is very important for growth in all aspects of life. If you don't step outside your comfort zone and try new things how will you ever know if you do or don't like something? If you don't… Continue reading Making a Change one Day at a Time

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Be Inspired

Take a moment, stop whatever you are doing and take a deep breath then let it out slowly. Look around you, are you where you really want to be? Are you following your dream? Are you with the right person? Are you fulfilling every second of every day? Dont waste this life, life is truly… Continue reading Be Inspired


A Love Letter to the Past…

Hello Old Friend, It is truly amazing how fast the time seems to go, one moment you are a young boy; careless, free, ambitious... Now I am older, the weight of the World seems to be on my shoulders and the meaning of life seemingly eludes me. I am lost right now and that perplexes… Continue reading A Love Letter to the Past…