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Not All Opinions Matter

Recently, I went to my local gas station to get a soda. While I was there, 2 young women stood outside the door and greeted customers as they walked out. The women then began to explain why the world was flat and were filled with righteous anger when anyone threatened or opposed their views. I… Continue reading Not All Opinions Matter

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A blog worth blogging about…

I have taken a brief pause from blogging, no it is not because I am burnt out, frustrated from lack of readership, or have nothing to write about. In fact, it has been the exact opposite!! I have taken some time off to reflect on where I want this site to go, what is the… Continue reading A blog worth blogging about…

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  Racism, one simple word that has the power to destroy societies and create wars that end millions of lives. However, what does the word really mean? What impact does such a topic have on our modern society? Is the United States on the verge of another Civil war or is the subject simply overemphasize… Continue reading UNJUST INEQUALITIES OF THE MODERN SOCIETY AND THE SOCIALIZATION OF RACISM (Rolling Series)

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Fat Shamming, do it right.

Fat shamming has become one of the most prevalent forms of bullying that our nation has seen. It is truly amazing how people are genuinely disgusted by other people's bodies and openly berate them for it. As the weight in America has gone up, so has the humiliation and despair people struggling with that weight… Continue reading Fat Shamming, do it right.

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Nike and Colin….seriously?

So we have all probably heard about Nike's newest ad campaign featuring controversial NFL OB (well former if no one offers him a contract) Colin Kaepernick. The ad has gained mass attention and has spawned expansive outcry from the general public and even lead to people burning their Nike wear! However, did it really hurt… Continue reading Nike and Colin….seriously?