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First Date Like a Man

Guys, what happened? At what point did we let the world decide how we are going to date people? When did romantic evenings and dinner dates turn into Netflix and chill? When did long phone calls and whispered good nights turn into sleep emojis? When did sleeping together end with a Uber ride home?!! We… Continue reading First Date Like a Man

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The Falls of Ithaca New York

New York is home to some of the greatest falls this world has to offer, they pull you in with their beauty and every romantic out there knows its hard to find a better place to take that special date. If you go during the fall, the colors of the trees and surrounding foliage take… Continue reading The Falls of Ithaca New York

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Gettysburg….Historically Haunting

You step out onto a field, an old farmhouse and wooden fence can be seen in the far distance as the sun's golden rays shimmer; flooding the area in a beautiful glow of reds and oranges. Nearby; you can hear the soft sound of a creek running as a light breeze kisses your face. Or… Continue reading Gettysburg….Historically Haunting

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Asking out a girl you work with

It happened, like it usually does when you are not looking. I found someone who I like, she is creative, cute, funny, and understands my sense of humor and seems interested in my career ambitions, hopes, dreams....oh; and of course I work with her. Working with someone you like is always fun, working with someone… Continue reading Asking out a girl you work with


Hello!!! Where did I go?

Hello beloved readers!! Recently I took two weeks off from blogging, work, and the stresses of life to go on vacation and re-evaluate where I am and where I want to be. I traveled across the country and made my way into Canada, stopping along the biggest cities America had to offer along the way.… Continue reading Hello!!! Where did I go?



Those that spark the flame and those that douse it There are inspirational Americans who fought against racial discrimination, such as President John F. Kennedy and those who gave their lives for the right of others, like Martin Luther King Jr. However there are also numerous accounts of hate groups and radicals that aspire to… Continue reading UNJUST INEQUALITIES OF THE MODERN SOCIETY AND THE SOCIALIZATION OF RACISM (Part 2)

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Taking a Moment to find Yourself Again.

We have all gotten a little lost in life. We might have taken a job we didn't want out of necessity. We may have dated the wrong person out of loneliness, or we may have put off a dream vacation to pay bills. No matter what the situation was or is; it is important to… Continue reading Taking a Moment to find Yourself Again.