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Not All Opinions Matter

Recently, I went to my local gas station to get a soda. While I was there, 2 young women stood outside the door and greeted customers as they walked out. The women then began to explain why the world was flat and were filled with righteous anger when anyone threatened or opposed their views. I found myself incredulous that 2 women were spending their evenings accosting customers at a gas station with a relatively silly belief.

But more than anything it filled me with sadness as I saw the future generation and our nation as a whole. While I encourage people to fight for what they believe in I was disappointed that this was the topic they chose to defend so passionately…..what about the extensive student loan debt? What about the illiteracy rate that is on the rise? What about our broken political system? Would these not be nobler causes to fight for?

It may be our fault as a society. When most kids were outside playing in the older generations the youth of today play video games. While they safely sit at home smoking legal pot they forget that many citizens spent years in prison for doing the same thing. While they complain about politics and watch YouTube videos they still do not make their way to a voting booth on election day. They take YouTube celebrities at their word but never open a book and read on the subjects themselves.

We have become a nation where everyone wants to be famous in their country but no one WANT TO DO SOMETHING FOR THEIR COUNTRY.  This to me is the single greatest tragedy of today. In the past, people looked for ways to help. There was a greater sense of country and commitment to your fellow countrymen. People helped their neighbors and strived to make people’s lives better. That world seem to be very far away now, being replaced instead with quid pro quos and Dr. Phil’s catch me outside girls. Everyone seeks their 15 seconds of fame but no one will take 15 seconds to help a person in need.

I worry about the future of my country, maybe I am a romantic or old school but I still believe in having morals, ambitions, and commitment, all of these seem to be things the future seems to look at disapprovingly. I believe in fighting for causes you believe in but we have become outrageous with this concept. Now everyone has to have a voice, everyone has to be special, participation trophies are handed out to both teams while one secretly resents their loss. People claim oppression and demand equality for almost anything.

Being 1/10th black does not make you oppressed. Oppressed is that slave working in the cotton field, the white turning red as her hands bled while her back was slashed for working to slow. Being pan-sexual doesn’t make you ostracized by society, ostracized is when you are a gay man and you know you are not going to get that promotion, that you can’t marry the love of your life, or you are left alone when you sit down at a table simply because of your sexual preference.

These beliefs tend to demean what others actually went through. While I encourage everyone to be yourself and do what makes you happy at some point you have to sacrifice for the greater good, you have to accept that while your opinion matters and you have a voice, sometimes that voice needs to be lent to a different fight. Just like those 2 girls at the gas station, I admire their commitment but deplore the subject of that commitment. Who cares if the earth is flat, as long as life is sustainable I am content, but if that same commitment could be focused on meaningful pursuits well….this world may one day resolve more pressing issues.

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