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A blog worth blogging about…

I have taken a brief pause from blogging, no it is not because I am burnt out, frustrated from lack of readership, or have nothing to write about. In fact, it has been the exact opposite!! I have taken some time off to reflect on where I want this site to go, what is the message I have been trying to share? I have realized that while my content may be found by some to be engaging, it has not had sustenance. I believe that is because I have not truly been blogging, I have been holding back on possibly difficult or conflicting subjects in an effort to build followers, not readers.

This realization shook me to my core! When did I become that person? I know many of you will read this and think, he only has forty followers, it’s not that big of a deal what he writes. It is here that you are wrong, when I first decided to start blogging I promised myself that as long as one person followed me I would create meaningful content that provoked intellectual debate and stimulated the mind. I wanted to create content that was impactful. I wanted to Be something, not Someone. I want my blog to be fearless, creative, while pushing boundaries and breaking barriers.

My degree in college was Political Science and one of my many interests is history. These subjects do not bode well in current society. For a blog, saying the wrong thing can mean destruction. Still, I feel that I have to stay true to myself and my readers. I am ready to begin expanding my readership but am also ready to diminish it as long as I stay true to myself. For my readers, this means a wide array of blogs in the future that might conflict with your views. It is never my intention to demean or anger my readership but it is my goal now to create engaging blogs that will provoke thought and a possible different point of view!

I hope you join me for the journey

2 thoughts on “A blog worth blogging about…”

  1. I’m a biology graduate and writing about brain learnography in which brainpage theory has been described for book to brain knowledge transfer.
    I never expected many readers or followers for my blog posts. But I am happy and satisfied that I have written more than 100 blogs in two years and my work will take a form of science book for school children and teachers.
    In my opinion, content writing must be priority for learning and publishing. I am very much impressed by the contents of your article. Be happy and keep writing. Thanks


    1. I appreciate the kind words and am delighted that you like the content!! I also appreciate the insight you offered and hope that my future blogs are both stimulating and thought provoking!


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