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Are These the Best Thanksgiving Movies?

So Thanksgiving is upon us!! Tomorrow we will all be needlessly stuffing our faces and wont even feel bad about it!! We will watch football, drink beer, and probably argue with family members about something. So, to get into the holiday spirit it is time to solve a great debate ourselves…what is the best movie to watch on Thanksgiving? When all the family is gone and the house is quiet, before you microwave that plate of leftovers what movie will be waiting for you on the couch?!! Here are my top 3 picks:



Free Birds: This is definitely a great movie if you have small kids! It is the story of two turkeys who team up to go back in time and get turkey off the Thanksgiving menu forever. Its silly, fun, and a great way to end a busy day with family and friends…although it could make you feel bad for having that second drumstick!!






A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: What more can I say about this classic, feel good movie?! It is heart warming and amazingly made for being over 40 years old. It’s great for little kids or the whole family, and with a running time of only 30 minutes it is a Thanksgiving tradition must!! Rotten Tomatoes gives it a rare 100% rating and so do I!!





Home For The Holidays: For anyone that wants a heartfelt and emotional movie for the holiday this one is a must. However, keep the previous ones for the kids and save this one for the couch leftovers. Home For The Holidays has an all-star cast and a familiar plot. It gives you a better look at how the holidays may feel outside of the post cards and happier movies of the season. It explores loss, depression, acceptance, and love in a unique way that will make you very thankful for the loved ones you have in your life.


So readers, what do you think of these 3 movies? Have you seen them? What do you think are go too movies for Thanksgiving day? Let us know and don’t forget to subscribe!!

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