Built To Break

We have all been hurt by something in our lives. It could be something as small as getting a bad grad on a test or as big as learning you will never walk again, no matter what it is, we have all been there. We have been broken, broken up with, and broken down. We have seen dark and stormy days, cried in the shower, cussed and shook are fists. We have all been broken, and that is why thrive.

For every broken bone, heart, or dream something comes and takes its place. Broken bones heal, broken hearts find new love, and broken dreams are replaced with better ones! Where would we be if we were built strong? If we could take pain and suffering and defeat…never feeling the pain what lessons would we learn? We would never know the value of love, the comfort of warmth, or the meaning of friendships?

We were built to break, then we can build, we can learn, and we can succeed!! Go ahead and break down, go ahead and get angry, be passionate and be emotional…it’s what makes us human. Then after you have been broken, build, become stronger and push until one day you are unbreakable!

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