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First Date Like a Man

Guys, what happened? At what point did we let the world decide how we are going to date people? When did romantic evenings and dinner dates turn into Netflix and chill? When did long phone calls and whispered good nights turn into sleep emojis? When did sleeping together end with a Uber ride home?!! We have to get back to connecting, not our devices to a charger but to the people in our lives! Here are a few Do’s and Don’t to make a first date unforgettable!

Don’t break up with her over the phone: I am not sure when this became acceptable but it needs to stop!! Sometimes relationships don’t work out and that is OK. Be a man about it and tell her you need to talk, take her to get coffee (probably best to use separate cars) and explain why you are ending it. Maybe you just were not compatible, you just didn’t see a future, you like cats and she likes dogs! Whatever the reason is does not matter, what matters is that she invested as much time in the relationship as you did and deserves more than a quick one liner in her inbox.

Don’t get irritated when she takes to long to get ready. Lets be honest here guys, women may like to get dressed up and look nice but they go all out for YOU! If you really think she is spending 3 hours getting her hair done, makeup on, and selecting the perfect outfit for a dinner date at Applebees just to impress other people you are very wrong. She is trying to look her best to show you off (or at least make a good first impression)!! She wants people to know that she is with you and that you must be special if you can land such a hot date. So stop complaining about being 10 minutes late and put on a tie!!

Don’t sleep with her on the first date: Ok, this is a date, not a one night stand. You asked this person out because you are interested in them, yeah you probably find them very attractive and they probably look amazing but if you asked her out to get laid at the end of the night it means you don’t respect them or at the very least are wasting their time. Be a man and see if you connect on other levels, then leave her wanting more. If you don’t feel a connection and have no plans for a second date STILL DO NOT sleep with her!! Be respectful and acknowledge that it did not go as well as you hoped.

Do – Call her when you are going to be late or will not make it: We all have been late a few times, the world moves fast and sometimes we get a little behind. No matter what the situation is though you should always take the time to let your date know what is going on. She will appreciate the communication and respect you are showing her as  well as keeping her from worrying you stood her up. Want to take it one step further? Call the restaurant and pay for her meal even though you didn’t

Do – Pay for the meal/date: Ok, so I firmly believe that whoever asked the other person out needs to pay for the date. Guys, if you asked a girl out you need to cover everything!! No, this isn’t the time to push equality or see if she’s “A ride or Die,” this is a first date and you should be paying. A first date is a chance to see if the person you are going out with is going to lead anywhere. Take the girl out and do something you would spend the money on anyway. This allows her to get to know a little about you while giving you a chance to see if you both like similar things.

Do – Be a gentleman: Hold the door open for her, take her coat, pull out her chair, it’s all the little things that you do that really count!! For some reason chivalry has been dying and it is up to us to bring it back!! So put that phone down and listen to her, give her your hoodie if she is cold and let her remember the night as the best….who knows possibly last…first date she has ever had!!

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