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The Falls of Ithaca New York

New York is home to some of the greatest falls this world has to offer, they pull you in with their beauty and every romantic out there knows its hard to find a better place to take that special date. If you go during the fall, the colors of the trees and surrounding foliage take a special moment and make it a breathtaking one!

I recently spent a few weeks traveling around the country and decided to make my way up to New York to discover these falls for myself, needless to say I was not disappointed!! If you want to discover the falls of Ithaca New York and have a few vacation days saved up, here are some of the falls I recommend you see for yourself!!

Buttermilk Falls – Ithaca NY: Situated in the quaint Ivy League town, this is a must see falls for any new comers!! The name is inviting, the town is beautiful, the food is good but the falls….the falls are mesmerizing!! Be sure to go in the Autumn months when the surrounding area is vibrant with colors so that you can take optimal photos!images

Lower Falls – Ithaca NY: What can I say, Ithaca knows how to pick a beautiful place to set up a town!! This falls is not only beautiful, it is historical! While here you can visit the old mill that operated as well as take a dive into the 115 foot Lucifer Falls. Don’t let the name deter you; the place is beyond beautiful!!20180923_071411.jpg

Taughannock Falls – Ithaca NY: This one is a little drive from the actual town but is well worth it. The actual falls will remind you more of a waterfall and its sound is almost therapeutic to listen to. The surrounding area is dense forest and is a great place to watch nature and take perfect pictures!20180923_073711.jpg

I loved the few days I spent in Ithaca; it is truly a wanderers paradise and has a little something for everyone. The schools have helped keep the area bustling and clean while several other surrounding areas have been struggling and are a little worn with financial hardship. The falls in this town are truly inspiring and makes you want to sit and write, paint, or simply reflect on all that life has to offer!20180923_070218.jpg

My travel tip: If you plan a trip, stay in a hotel a few towns outside of Ithaca. This will save you inflated prices and it really is not that far of a drive. I also recommend that you visit this area over the better Known Niagara Falls. While Niagara is beautiful, the US side is depressing to be in and honestly feels a little dangerous for travelers. Ithaca has a little something for everyone and is not crowded by tourist either and best of all, the parks are free!!


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