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Asking out a girl you work with

It happened, like it usually does when you are not looking. I found someone who I like, she is creative, cute, funny, and understands my sense of humor and seems interested in my career ambitions, hopes, dreams….oh; and of course I work with

Working with someone you like is always fun, working with someone you would like to hang out with outside of work can be the exact opposite in my opinion. Unlike mere friendly coworkers who you are happy to see after the long weekend, a potential date with a coworker is an absolute nightmare!! Sure you could just ask her out, but we are both professional people and it might come off as rude!!

What if the feelings are not mutual? What if she is just very friendly and asking her out suddenly makes her uncomfortable? What if it is all just my take on the situation and her’s is completely different? Who wants to make someone feel like that!! On the other hand, what if you ask her out and she says yes? Do you go on a normal date like movies and maybe a drink after or do you something more professional? Do you have to go to HR and fill out paperwork? Do you have to quit your job and go work in the oil fields if the date goes badly?!!download

Another thing that doesn’t help is the way of connecting these days, do you go and see if she is on Tinder and swipe right, do you hit her up on LinkedIn (you know….”for the connections”) or do you do the old FaceBook friend request route….if thats even a thing anymore!!

I can seriously see why I have not dated in the past few years, its hard. There are so many hoops to jump through and so many unexpected things that could go wrong! Its even worse when you are a professional adult, you spend most of your days working and it seems to be the only place to meet people. Then when you do its stressful, oh well…maybe I will just stay single forever…….and look at that she just accepted my friend request…..back to the drawing board!!

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