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Taking a Moment to find Yourself Again.

We have all gotten a little lost in life. We might have taken a job we didn’t want out of necessity. We may have dated the wrong person out of loneliness, or we may have put off a dream vacation to pay bills. No matter what the situation was or is; it is important to take a moment and find yourself again.CAROL-finding-yourself

Take a deep breath and evaluate your life. Are you happy with what you see? Could you be doing better? Are you living to your full potential and living your dream? These are questions that I myself have trouble answering. It is something that we must all strive to answer however. One good way to do this is by making a list, not on your phone but by using good old-fashioned pin and paper. This allows you to really contemplate something before writing it down. Write down a list of your goals, ambitions, and dreams. Then write down what you are doing to accomplish these things.

After writing your list the next step is to write how you will accomplish these goals. Do you want to go back and finish your education? Ok, what schools would you apply to? What tests do you need? How far are you from graduation? Write all of this down and then start crossing them off as you complete them. Not only will you feel amazing as you accomplish these goals, it will also keep you progressively working on them. By writing a list you also put action into motion, you allow yourself to physically see what you want to accomplish and how you are going to succeed!!download (8)

Another great way to find yourself is by going on a road trip. Road trips are a great opportunity to learn about yourself especially if you do it alone. Just get in a car and go, do not think about the cost, the destination, any of it. Just get in a car and start driving, stop when you want to and turn back when you want to but just do it! As human beings, we have a knack for talking ourselves out of things. We make excuses and tell ourselves we will do it tomorrow but tomorrow never comes. By going on a road trip with little to no planning you may surprise yourself on how much fun you have and what you discover about (9).jpeg

If a road trip is not a possibility and you have no pin and paper just simply sit and contemplate who you are and what you want to accomplish. Shut off the phone, make a glass of tea and slowly drink it by the window. In our modern society, we are constantly bombarded with distractions. It is very helpful to set aside all destractions and reflect on yourself and your future.

Finding yourself after you have been lost is not easy and it is very scary. Many people would rather stay where they are then move forward and try something new. Dont be these people!! Decide what you want to do with this life and then go for it, make the change, take the leap!! It is amazing how your life can change simply by taking a few moments to really reflect on your past, while considering your future.images (2)


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