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5343001-dark-wallpapersLife is hard; you get beat down, stepped on, rejected. When you try to get up you are knocked out and told to stay down. You turn to find someone and no one is there. Sometimes you feel completely alone, you think what is the point? You ask is it worth it and then despairingly think it’s not. You turn to alcohol or drugs or something worse because the pain of being alone and broken just will not go away and you need to escape.

You wonder if the sun will ever find you again. Will that happiness so long elusive finally find you? What is the point of living with pain if it is only followed by more pain? Does anyone care or know that you really are trying your best? The answer is YES!! Someone cares, someone somewhere loves you, misses you, hopes to see your face once more!! The light may have gone out but that is the beauty of light, it finds its way back eventually. The darkness is not going to last forever and you will make it out stronger because of it.pexels-photo-376533

You fight through the pain. You find what little piece of good you can find and you hold onto it. You find one person that you know will always have your back and you cherish them. You find the good in this world, be the good in this world and don’t let it beat you down! You are worth the fight and you are stronger than you know. You are unique, beautiful, inspirational, special. Dont let someone tell you other wise because they have not been through the fire, they have not known your suffering and they have not been with you on the journey.

YOU MATTER, each and every one of you no matter your race, sexuality, political view, body size…every aspect that makes you unique defines you and makes you who you are. Never let someone take that from you, never let someone destroy you with their opinions, words, or actions. Be strong, believe in yourself and embrace your perceived flaws. Get off the ground and face your opponents because YOU MATTER. Make a difference, change your life one day at a time and do not let them (7)

Life is beautiful and it is worth the pain to live it, pour out that bottle and see the sunset through clear eyes. Put down that needle and run, run as fast as you can until you are far away from the darkness that chases. Throw that gun across the room and pick up your phone; cry to your best friend, mother, anyone that will pick up and tell them you are hurting. You Matter, even if you don’t feel it right now you do…and you always will.images (6).jpeg

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