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Making a Change one Day at a Time

download (5)Change is hard, we all know that it can be emotional, terrifying, and down right expensive. However, change is very important for growth in all aspects of life. If you don’t step outside your comfort zone and try new things how will you ever know if you do or don’t like something? If you don’t want to learn something new at your job how do you expect to promote?!! While I can’t help my readers change here are a few personal tips that you can do daily that may change your life entirely in the near future!

Tip #1 – Stay Positive: download (2)This sounds like a cliché right out of a psychiatrist handbook but its true!! No matter what your situation is, find something positive in it. So you don’t have any money? Well are all your bills paid, do you have a roof over your head? You hate your job? Well at least you have a job! I hate my student loans, well at least you had the opportunity to get an education! A positive vibe goes a long way in this world. No matter how bad it is take a second and look at all you have before you look at all you don’t.

Tip #2 – Have one productive day: Most people get stuck in a rut; they go to work, watch TV, go to bed, repeat. If you find yourself in this rut; take one day and make it a productive day. Wake up early and hit the gym, while at work go out to lunch with your coworkers and socialize. When you get home dont plop down in the chair and reach for the remote. Instead clean the house, take out the trash, go for a walk, try reading that book you have always wanted to. By having one productive day you will feel amazing at all you can accomplish and possibly wake up and do it all again!!download (6).jpeg

Tip #3 – Do one thing that scares you: So this one is hard, no one likes stepping out of their comfort zones (myself included!!) but it is amazing what you discover about yourself when you do. For example, I am terrified of snakes (with good reason!). However, my local zoo had an exhibit featuring snakes from all across the world and I unwillingly decided to go too it. Turns out I still don’t like snakes! But I do have a lot better understanding of them and realized they are beautiful creatures that are very important to a lot of ecosystems. By stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something that scares me I learned about myself!! I encourage all my readers to try one thing that scares you and then share it, good or bad did you learn something from the experience?

Tip #4 – Change the way you dress:bulldog-superman It has been proven that dressing a certain way makes you feel a certain way. Clothes are an important part of life that a lot of people underestimate. If you are like me and enjoy the shorts and hoodies with flip-flops and a ball cap this is perfectly fine! However, take a day and dress to impress; get a three-piece suit or a new outfit/haircut and see how it makes you feel and look. Do you like it? Maybe think about having one day of the week where you get dressed up and feel successful. It is incredible what a simple change in clothing can do to both your self-esteem and people’s perception of you. If you are more professional and wear suits daily take a day to try the casual look. If you like it maybe change to a more laid back look!! Dressing differently gives you a chance to discover what you do or don’t like in a very easy way.

Tip #5 – Look at your options: logoMost people who want to change are scared of the unknown and what might happen. Sadly, this leads to highly qualified people doing jobs that are way below their skill level. One big way to make a change daily is to see whats out there. Go on job sites and see what your skills can do for you, see if you could start new somewhere else or are not making the money you should. Maybe its time to go back to school and finish that degree or get a higher one? Maybe its time to just transfer departments and learn something new. By making a simple change or discovering a new interest you might be amazed how far you go!! Look at opportunities that you would be interested in then go for it. Dont accept your position in life just because it is comfortable or routine!

Readers, what are some things you do daily that helps you make big changes? Share your advice and don’t forget to follow!!

3 thoughts on “Making a Change one Day at a Time”

  1. I’m always on the lookout for things that spark my interest. I love new and different, so finding new ways to experience life is a biggie for me. I love changing it up, keepin’ it fresh. Life doesn’t have to be a bore, and who really likes feeling stuck? Change can be magical ***


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