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Be Inspired

Take a moment, stop whatever you are doing and take a deep breath then let it out slowly. Look around you, are you where you really want to be? Are you following your dream? Are you with the right person? Are you fulfilling every second of every day?Inspiring-Memes-and-Quotes-for-Motivation-and-Reflection.png

Dont waste this life, life is truly precious and time is one thing we can never get more of once we are out of it. If you are not doing something you love, leave. If you are not happy go and find your happiness. Refuse to accept societies views of happines, make your own views and follow your own path.

While on that path you are going to be told no a lot; friends, family, coworkers, they are all going to tell you it can’t or shouldnt be done. Remember, if it was easy anyone would do it. You fight, with every last breath you have you fight to find your happiness, if happiness doesnt knock on your door, you build your own. You define yourself; not the school bully, not egotistical bosses, not the parents who don’t understand your dream..JUST YOU!!52880dcc76cd2da9aac5e7b99262593b

Its going to be hard, you are going to have moments of doubt, fear, rejection; there will be tears and despair but you keep pushing. Dont accept defeat and give up because you never know what you are made of until you make it through. Remember; falling down is not failing, failing is accepting that you can’t get up and staying down. Believe what you believe, love who you love and be fearless!

Look around you, the world is a beautiful place. There is joy, love, and hope in every aspect of it. So be weird, be crazy, be random but please don’t be normal,  because one life is all we have and then we are gone! Ask that person out, take a bike ride across the country, quite the job you hate so much, find a life that you are excited to wake up to; not one that you dread the morning light. Be beautiful, be bold, but most of all BE INSPIRED!!DKibcWmWkAAQnMm

“Dont be most people; most people don’t achieve their dreams.” — Robert Kiyosaki

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