A Love Letter to the Past…

Hello Old Friend,

It is truly amazing how fast the time seems to go, one moment you are a young boy; careless, free, ambitious… Now I am older, the weight of the World seems to be on my shoulders and the meaning of life seemingly eludes me. I am lost right now and that perplexes me. I strive for greatness and greatness finds another, I fight for a future and that future runs from me, I seek love and she captivates others.

And yet my friend, I thank you, your lessons have taught me many things and your hardships have made me stronger. You continue to be my greatest inspiration and deepest fear. I fear that I will disappoint you old friend, when I am nothing but a withered old man will you visit me? Will you find my life to have been purposeful, will I regret it, will I be proud? And yet You inspire me; to live a life worth living, to take chances no matter the risk, to seek happiness even if she is hard to find.

You have taken my breath away. You have shown me the ocean as the waning suns last golden rays spread over it. You have shown me the unexplainable kindness from strangers, and you have allowed me to love deeply and with conviction. Yet you have also torn me, you have taken away that love and you have put people in my life who seek to destroy it and still, I would not change a moment you have given me!

My friend, with each passing day we grow closer, with every word spoken, every chance taken, every second; you are with me. For that I am grateful; you have shown me that every darkness eventually finds a light and every tear of sadness is replaced with tears of joy. For every person who spoke the words “I have loved you”, you give me hope that one day another will say “I love you.” You fill me with awe and wonder and expectations about the future and for that I love you!!

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