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2019 Movies I am ACTUALLY excited about!!

Movie Mondays!! We all love a good movie but unfortunately, this year we have had some pretty big flops!! As we get closer to the end of 2018 many movie fans find themselves cheering at the great possibilities the big screen has to offer for the new year! Here are my top 5 most anticipated movies coming out in 2019:

#5 Dumbo: dumbo-poster-disney-1115707.jpegSo as a nineties kid this is a must for both the nostalgic and Disney fans alike. With the advancement in technology and box office hits coming from timeless classics (Think Beauty and The Beast) I feel that this could be a slam dunk for moviegoers looking for a feel good/charming movie. With an all-star cast including Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito it is sure to have a slighty comedic tone as well. The only thing that scares me about Dumbo is that Tim Burton directs it, I know he has made some great movies but he has also made some slightly unwatchable ones as well.


#4 Joker:867c47dfd45d6c2d2d153dd9e6a72d1d Ok so this one is either going to be incredible or horrible, there is really no other way for it to go. The Joker has needed a stand alone movie for a long time but let’s be honest, that movie needs an R rating. The Joker is a dark and diabolical character and an R rating would really give the actors and director a chance to explore these things, any other rating would simply dilute the Jokers character. With Todd Phillips directing, it is sure to have great visuals but the thing everyone is wondering about is Jaoquin Phoenix. Certainly a talented actor, but still stepping into big shoes after Heath Ledgers lasting performances.


#3633a56b97d59c5695c0789323c2ec0ba.jpg The New Mutants: A possibly refreshing take on an established universe; this movie is a little hard to read right now. It has the premise for an amazing movie going event but the fact it’s being labeled a horror film is slightly confusing. While most mutant movies have a dark aspect to them they are far from horror. The director is relatively new as well and may not have the big name recognition to really push the movie to its full potential. There are a few big names attached to this project, most notable being Maisie Williams, who just completed her massive success on GOT. She has the talent and can clearly play a disturbed teen, but is she ready for the motion pictures scene? We will just have to see for ourselves!!


#2 Once Upon A Time in Hollywood: MV5BMTc3ODIwNzA2NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTUzMjA4NTM@._V1_Yeah, this one is going to be HUGE!! Super famous director? Check. Super famous cast? Check. Interesting plot line? Check, Check, and Check!! The only reason this did not make my number one spot is because of my anticipation for the last movie on this list. Quentin Tarantino has cemented himself as a powerhouse director and the movie is sure to be bloody. With the Helter Skelter storyline I am very interested to see what perspective Tarantino brings to this horrific event. It may not be historically accurate (I mean, the guy killed Hitler in a previous movie!!) but it is sure to be entertaining. Throw Superstars Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio into the mix and we clearly have an award season contender.

#1 Glass: download (3)What more can I say?!! This movie has had people waiting for years now!! M. Night Shyamalan has a few hit and miss projects over the years but he is clearly back in his element with this one!! The story of everyday superheroes/villains colliding to create one complete universe is very exciting and should make for an edge of your seat movie experience. With a Superstar cast and a passionate director it is likely to be an epic and compelling film that showcases characters and not CGI. With a Mid-January release date, fans do not have to wait long to finally see what will happen in the Unbreakable universe!!!

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