Why I joined Twitter…in 2018

Now I know what you are thinking, yeah….hasnt Twitter been around for years now? Yes, yes it has. So why am I just starting on the tweeting trend when most people have previously established accounts for years now? Well simply put, accessibility.zRim1x6M

Twitter has over 500 million downloads presently and even though it is associated with Donald Trump rants and celebrities posting selfies there is a lot more to Twitter than that! Unlike other social media sites like FB with a constant bombardment of ad placements and Instagram, where everyone is trying to become a model or creep on the models, Twitter offers a refreshing variety of both mindless entertainment and thought-provoking conversations.

While you can follow your favorite celebrity, team, and friends you can also follow Nobel Peace Prize recipients, Harvard Business Professors, and World Leaders. I also like that it is a constantly changing system that gives the reader new information in real-time. Unlike FB that has a rather biased feel to it. I also have to praise Twitter for not shutting down bloggers abilities to share content. While other social media sites no longer allow WordPress to be published directly it is important to me that a site allows easy access for my readers.

Having readers is important for any blogger, and while it is my goal one day to have a large reader base I strive to put out the best content possible whether it is for 1 subscriber or 1 million. My readers mean the world to me!! And while many bloggers don’t realize it; reading a lesser known blog and then subscribing to it creates a contract between both parties. You subscribed to that blogger because you liked what they had to say. You then expect that blogger to keep putting out content that you reflects that expectation.

It is then my job to keep my readers engaged, entertained, and hopefully informed. It also means that I need to keep my blog running as smoothly and effectively as possible. I believe Twitter gives me this access to my readers that other social media sites do not!! I am excited to see what happens and I am glad you are along for the ride!!

PS: I might as well drop my Twitter tag here while I’m at it, follow me if you are brave enough!! Or bored enough……..@niepmansean!!

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