9/11…17 years and 1 day later

So, while most people post remembrances on this day I felt that it was important to post a blog the day after. You see, anyone can remember this day once a year. It comes, you tell your stories about where you were and what you were doing, you give to charity or participate in an event and then the next day its back to life as normal until next year, when you do it all over again.JL_911TRIBUTELIGHTS_20_Lead image

But what about the people that don’t just have the one day of remembrance? What about the lives, love ones lost? What about those that slowly fade into the past with each passing year and yet deserve so much more than a simple memory?

Sadly, a lot of people don’t remember this event and dont see everything that changed in our country afterwards. The next generation will simply read about it in history books and watch the reruns. They may be heartbroken or may not care at all but it will simply be another subject to them. And yet, this atrocious act caused a nation to see fear, love, hope, despair and commitment in ways that are truly rare.download (2)

 On that day, 17 years ago, a lot of good people died. They were going to work, planning the weekend, talking about their favorite tv shows, when it was all suddenly taken from them. The aftermath saw a unity and outpouring of love that I think as a country we could look back on and take a few notes. On that day skin color did not exist, the language you spoke, the uniform you wore, the president you voted for, none of it mattered. On that day we were truly the United States of America.1797436_10152522683408343_1357324297051266656_n

Remember that, not just on one day of the year, but every single day. WE ARE AMERICANS, we run back into the fire to help those in need, we stand for what we believe in, and we help our neighbors, even if we don’t agree with them. Remeber 9/11 each and every day; remember to hug you spouse, ask that waitress out, or go one that vacation you have always been planning because life can be taken from you in a second!!

“Always remember, lest we forever forget.”

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