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Nike and Colin….seriously?

So we have all probably heard about Nike’s newest ad campaign featuring controversial NFL OB (well former if no one offers him a contract) Colin Kaepernick. The ad has gained mass attention and has spawned expansive outcry from the general public and even lead to people burning their Nike wear! However, did it really hurt Nike to publish this ad? Or did it do exactly what it was designed to do? Screen_Shot_2018_09_04_at_3.09.15_PM.0

First, let’s go back to where this all started. Colin decided to take a knee during the National Anthem…thats it. So as a veteran I am all for respecting our flag and our country but if a guy wants to kneel instead that is his right as an American. It also just goes to show you how out of touch everyday Americans really are, anyone who has ever been to a football game can see lots of people not stand for the National Anthem, but if one football player does not do it everyone goes into a frenzy!!

Fast forward to today and the once relevant player is a free agent, and the once massive company has gotten a little stale. Nike is certainly still massive, but let’s be honest, it defenently doesn’t have the market it once dominated. We have all seen Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” and while it was a great ad campaign they have done very little since then to update their image. This ad with Kaepernick however, gave the company some much-needed spotlight and brand recognition.images

And it clearly worked!! Between all the coverage and controversy Nike saw a sales spike and Colin is able to stay relevant just a little bit longer. Nike was able to use the attention to their favor and honestly the ad is pure genius. It motivates the people who already love the brand or the person to buy more and it gets other people talking and spreading brand recognition even if it is in a negative aspect.

Ok, lets talk facts now: First, Nike does not care if you burn your stuff!! Anyone who has burned their Nike apparel is either trying to get their 10 seconds of fame or really didn’t want it in the first place. Second, if you are truly upset with Nike the best way to show this is by not buying their product!! Third, if you are truly upset with a multimillionaire for taking a knee during the National Anthem you should probably find a hobby, shoot the guy was probably just trying to tie his cleat and then realized he was doing it at the wrong time!download

In conclusion, if you are really upset with this ad campaign and actually want to help; do something meaningful, donate your Nike apparel to veterans, educate people on why the National Anthem is so important, or have a beer with friends and talk about anything else!! When did we as a country get so petty? With the homeless rate, veterans with PTSD, and student loan debt destroying a lot of people’s futures we have a lot more important things to worry about then some football player and a company!!

(What are my readers take on the latest controversy? Do you think this issue is important? Dont forget to read my other blogs and subscribe!!)



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