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College Advice for Sophomores (Series Pt 2)

Well you made it, freshmen year is history and you confidently head back to school after your summer off! You are ready to see the friends you made last year but are defiantly not excited about starting classes. You played it safe this year and got all afternoon or evening classes because you know you will be playing video games long into the night and just can’t risk it! Before you head off for the next exciting year, stop; read this blog (and follow it!!), eat one more home cooked meal, and then level up to year 2 of college!maxresdefault (1)

First thing to do for sophomores: Get a part-time job, trust me I get it, you are trying to put off the real world as long as possible! However, while school is helpful, having an active job on your resume is just as important. Having even a part-time job on your resume can literally be the difference between you getting a job or seeing the position go to someone else. Experience on your resume as well as the anticipated college degree will make you a well-rounded job candidate which opens more doors than just the college degree.

The second thing: Join a club, frat/sorority, or some kind of organization on campus!! As a sophomore it is time to really start building your connections and there is no better way to do this than by getting involved on campus. Find something that interests you and then start participating.neighbors_efron.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlarge Frats/sororities are a great place to build your contacts, they leave you with an expansive network after graduation and once again, looks great on a resume! (Imagine walking into a job interview and finding out the hiring manager is a frat brother…..just saying)

Step three: Declare a major. This one is hard for anyone, especially if you are not sure what field you really want to go into at this time. If this is the case I would suggest getting a general degree in your field of study. For example, if you are really interested in sports but don’t know if you want to be a sports agent, coach, or teacher, get a business degree with an emphasis in sports management. This allows you to enter a broader market than just a sports management degree and also keeps you on track to graduate in four years. Being indecisive is ok, just remember that college is expensive and the goal is to graduate at the four-year mark.

Step four, well sort of: School is not always easy so remember to live a little! Sophomore year is a great time to go on spring break to Cancun, road trip it to Florida, or hike in the Rockies. If you have a part-time job you will also likely have a little extra cash on hand and this is the few times in life where you probably don’t have a lot of bills to pay. As a young college student most part-time jobs are ok with you taking some much-needed days off and sometimes skipping class is worth it!! There is a lot of freedom that comes with being a college sophomore, so take advantage of it!P-LS-SY-LowBudgetCollegeVacationIdeas-Hero.jpg

The fifth and final: Ok, so step four is taking the time to live a little but step five is even more important…take care of yourself!! Having fun with friends, going to classes, holding down a job, dating… the list goes on and on but no matter what is happening in your busy life you need to take some time for yourself. Make time to hit the gym, eat a healthier lunch, meditate, whatever you like doing to de-stress and keep healthy. 5-Types-Of-Meditation-Techniques-And-Their-BenefitsYour health is something that the younger readers don’t think about as often but trust me, making time to stay healthy and creating good habits to follow after college is very important!!

Congratulations on starting another year!! Did you like the advice offered? Do you have some advice for the college sophomores? Please comment and subscribe!!

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