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College advice for freshmen (Series Pt. 1 )

You made it!! You graduated from high school, put in the time and effort and finally got that anticipated email that starts with “Congratulations, you have been accepted,” in a few short weeks you will make that trip and finally start life on your own! Well, I would like to congratulate you as well, getting into college is a big deal, however, I would like to give the newest round of freshmen a little advice before they pack their favorite blanket, steal all the pop tarts in the house, and head out on this big (1)

First things first: Pack light….no really!! More likely than not you will be living in a dorm room for your freshman year of college and this means roommates and tight spaces. I get it, that lamp and coffee table are going to look awesome but trust me, you will use it once or twice and then it will just collect dust. Also, remember that after the year is up you have to pack up and leave!! Most colleges do not keep you in the same dorm room from year to year so everything you have is getting packed up again, don’t waste your time and energy with the leather sofa and queen mattress.

The close second: Ok, so you have been told all your life that grades matter and yes, they defiantly do. However, life is a lot more about who you know then what you know. So, while it is important to keep your grades up it is just as, if not more so, important to make connections! For example, I completed my Bachelors degree several years ago with a relatively high GPA of 3.46, while I did network and make connections I also spent a lot of time in the library. Meanwhile, a guy I know graduated with a 1.87 gpa and almost failed out of school, he also partied with most frat guys and went on spring break with a congressman’s son. He now is an executive at a very large company, making six figures easily. Needless to say I am nowhere near making that kind of money!!images (2)

Third: Do not spend your parents money, even if they are offering. Ok so there is absolutely nothing wrong with having your parents pay for college!! Getting that kind of break this early in life is going to make everything easier. However, a lot of freshmen get a little excited about that check their parents send them every few weeks. Use the minimum you can of your allowance, I know its hard but your parents will respect you for it, and you will be better off once you graduate and have good spending habits. 18 year old needs Starbucks 5 days a week!!

Fourth, speaking of spending habits….: That refund check IS NOT a free handout!! I can’t tell you how many times I would see freshmen go on an exotic vacation or buy a new car once their 5 thousand dollar refund hit the bank. They would literally max their loans just to get these massive amounts back. DO NOT do this!! You have to pay this money back eventually and trust me, that trip to Mexico is not worth a 6 percent interest rate for 15 years.maxresdefault.jpg

Fifth and Final: Take the finance classes, I know I know, they are boring and half the time they don’t make sence but those classes are going to do more for your future than that easy Ancient Greece class. Use this time to take excel, taxes, and retirement fund classes. Even if they are not part of your major I highly recommend taking them as electives or possibly even getting a minor.

Again, congratulations on getting accepted to college!! Where are my readers going? What are they studying? What is your advice for the freshmen out there? Be sure to like and subscribe!!


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