How FB Hurt Bloggers

“We are Bloggers,” If you are like me, you are very proud of this statement! Being a blogger is one of the best and hardest things someone can do. You write about places, things, situations and then put it out there for the world to see. You take the positives and the negatives and still write regardless of other people’s opinions. facebook-silhouettes

Blogging is a community and gives you a sence of freedom and purpose while giving you a voice and a platform to stand on. However, with FB new rules regarding sharing, that platform has gotten a little smaller. Whether you have 1 reader for your blog or 1 million it is important to have interactive content that reaches readers in an effective and easy manner. Sharing posts directly to FB allowed you to reach your audience effectively and easily. While you can still share your content on your FB feed it does not look as professional and is not as effective.

The largest problem is how quickly people scroll through their timeline feeds, WP bloggers have roughly 3 seconds to grab a reader’s attention and get them to their page. This was easy in the past, as viewers could see the title, picture, and previews of the article, click on it, and then enjoy the content. Now, when you share on FB it shows up as a link, looks unprofessional in my opinion gets less attention because it has less to grab the reader.fbinstantarticles.png

I believe FB is a great tool to reach readers and I have noticed a decline in readership because of this simple rule change. Of course, the larger bloggers do not feel the pain as much because of the large market they have already established from other media means. For the smaller blogger or ones just starting out I feel that it has hurt our community slightly! What do my readers think? Do you feel that the change was good? Bad? What means do you use to reach your readers?

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