Falling Down

We have all fallen down at one point in our lives, in fact, the best lessons in life usually come from messing up and making mistakes. Some of us have been with the wrong people, signed the wrong contract, or tried something that didn’t work out the way it was expected to. The problem for a lot of people who fall down is that they stay down, never taking a chance again because of the fear of falling again.Failure-is-not-falling-down-but-refusing-to-get-b

Falling hurts, it cuts and it bruises and leaves you scarred. Thankfully bruises fade and cuts heal, however they heal better with a little help from a doctor or antibiotic. The same thing is true with failure, it hurts but it heals faster with the help of someone or something that motivates you. Just don’t stay down!! Remember, you have one life; one beautiful, crazy, incredible life to live and you dont have time to let failure keep you from that life!!

Failure is a great teacher, and while its scary just imagine how terrible this world would be if we got everything we wanted without putting any effort in it?! (OK well that would be pretty great) Without failure we would never know the agony of defeat or the glory of success. The best part is that you can start over at any moment, nothing is keeping you from restarting your life this very second!!


So fall down, get hurt, make mistakes, take risks that don’t work out. Get out of that relationship that makes you unhappy, buy that car that you have been saving for, go to a college bar with friends even though that interview is tomorrow. Fall down, fall down constantly, everyday, then wake up…and do it again!!

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