Sunken Cities, Egypts Lost World

Currently, at the incredible St Louis Art Museum, they have the most beautifully and historically significant displace open to the public. Called the Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost World. It defies our understanding of ancient Egypt while also giving us an in dept look at two previously lost cities!!3448AD0100000578-3594759-image-m-42_1463489046776

If you are a history buff like me this is a must see if you are in the area! If you are not close I would recommend taking a day trip to St Louis, grab a few photos under the Arch, stop in for some Ted Drews frozen custard (eat it fast because it is hot!!) then plan on staying all day at the exhibit and museum itself. The six part exhibit is both fascinating and immaculately displayed in a way that is perfect for all ages.thonis-heracleion-stela.jpg

More than 200 objects are on display and include: 3, 16 feet tall statues of a Pharaoh, Queen, and a God, intricately engraved alters with perfectly readable hieroglyphs, and lavish amounts of gold and silver objects that will defiantly make you feel broke!! It has an interactive segment and is truly a one of a kind exhibit!!http_cdn.cnn.comcnnnextdamassets160330155043-sunken-cities-6

If this isn’t enough to make you want to plan a weekend to the Lou well great news, there’s more! Several ancient artifacts from the museum of Alexandria and Cairo, both epic in their own rights, are also on display! Half of the exhibit has never been on American soil and it is truly awe-inspiring to see so much history in one room. If ancient Egypt isn’t your thing that’s fine! The St. Louis Art Museum has extensive collections of world-renowned

csm__DF_1078_16463795f5artists on display. If this is still not enough to get you excited then I’d suggest a visit to the zoo……because honestly, who doesn’t love animals?!!

If you do get a chance to view this incredible display feel free to comment and share your photos!!

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