Fathers day is a great time to really show your appreciation for the men that made us who we are. Though they usually have different titles which include Grill Master General, Mr. Thermostat King, or Leader of the Remote Controls, we still get to call them dad. Fathers are the people we go to when we have a problem, are feeling lost, or just need an extra $50 for beer money and gas!!32519-cc_FathersDay_2016-12.500w.tn

While we all have different upbringings it is important to remember where you came from and the people who made you what you are today. Fathers day is a great time to reflect on your past while also looking towards the future. Did you have a great dad that you want to be more like? Maybe you didn’t have as great of a father figure as others and maybe that’s something you would like to change with your own kids. Get out there, throw a ball, swing a bat and be the greatest father you can be!!

Being a Father is the hardest thing you will ever do and on this day we have to say thanks for being there!! Through the embarrassing dad jokes, the awkward conversations, and the hilarious moments we always know that you have our backs, and we know no one could do the job like you do!! Happy Fathers Day To All The Dads!!!!

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