A Day of Pride for Us All!!

June is the start of Pride month, a time where we show some much-needed appreciation for the LGBTQ community!! First and foremost I would like to say how much respect I have for these members of our society, and appreciate how hard they fought for their views. The LGBTQ stood for something they believed in, much like our Founding Fathers and would not accept social norms dictated to them.happy-pride-day-wall-sticker-10447

Seriously, standing up for what you believe is hard, standing up for your belief when you know you will be hated is harder, and refusing to give up is the hardest thing you can do in this world. Many people who are told no the first time simply give up and accept defeat, how amazing is it that we have an entire community willing to never say no, even when the world was against them!! We should be proud of people like this!

It’s hard to find someone who you want to spend your life with, regardless of the sextuality you identify as. I think that fighting the right to love someone just because you think its different or don’t understand it is true sadness. Stop fighting the right for someone to be themselves and instead try to understand their views. I am not saying you have to agree with them, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I am just saying maybe let your opinion become a little more open.

I will write another blog this month in regards to the LGBTQ community but I did want to make sure a blog for PRIDE Day got published!! Readers, please feel free to comment on why PRIDE month is important to you or someone you know? What LGBTQ member inspires you? (P.S, while I encourage all opinions and comments I hope that respect and courtesy is shown to all my readers and followers)

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