Success = The Dream You Never Gave Up On

Success, that old word that sparks daydreaming of red carpet events, lavish vacations and meeting celebrities for dinner…or does it? Success is a big word but its definition is even bigger. For some people being successful is exactly what I just described but for others its a beautiful family to come home to with food on the table and bills paid. Defining your success is a very personal matter but it is something many people simply put on the back burner as they try to get by in their day to day lives.images (1)

Unfortunately, I can be the first to say I fell into this trap. Like most younger millennials I have a college degree that I received in 2016, I was excited about it at first but as I started in the workforce I realized my degree really wasn’t in the field I wanted to work in. So you start at a job and next thing you realize two years have gone by and you are no closer to accomplishing your dreams, you’ve traded the dream for a paycheck. Is this success? If you make it to the top of a ladder you never wanted to be on is it still accomplishment?

What about the ladder itself? I’m sure that most people can relate to a time when they worked hard to get a promotion and then that promotion goes to someone else. In our current work environment plenty of people get a promotion because they are liked more than the qualified individual, its sad but its true. So you have to ask yourself is it worth it? Do I want to look back in twenty years and wished I had followed the dream that was replaced by a steady income? Or, if you are older do you decide to settle and believe that you are to old?Matthew-vincenti

I hope your answer is no!! I hope that you are an eighty year old man dreaming of being a race car driver, or a family of four living in a one bedroom, dreaming of the day you will own your own home and you wake up in the morning and fight for that dream. YOU are unstoppable if you put your mind to something, anything! No matter what the dream is I hope that all my readers choose the dream, the success that you pictured once and then chase it. Success is scary but not trying is even more terrifying!

So go ahead, get off that couch you are on, wipe the tears from your eyes, get on your feet and remember that the only person that can tell you no is you! Be hardheaded and stubborn, no one knows what the future can hold and you are worth every dream you have ever had!!!


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