So, Whats The Point of This Blog?

Hey everyone! My name is Sean and this is my newest blog series where I talk about anything and everything that I find relevant in this World. As a military vet/college grad/blogger among other things I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most incredible and talented people this beautiful place called Earth has to offer!

So, what does this blog have for YOU!!? Well, Everything! One blog might be about personal finances while the following one could be about the best moment I ever had in the military or perhaps an argument for the best kind of candy (they are all the best) whatever the subject may be I will always be an upbeat and positive light in a sometimes really dark World.

So lets go exploring! Lets talk about anything and everything, lets cry and laugh and grow and fall and get back up! Thank you for giving me a platform to stand on and following me as we go forward together!

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